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It is well known that Japanese manufacturing standard is ranked as top class in the world in development of technology as well as productin and quality control. However, we also share understanding that style of munufacturing is changing following global development of economy and market.
It is also understood with no objection that Japanese manufactures are required to produce with high level technology, unique idea and design for manufacturing that is not possible to be imtated by any other manufactures other contries.
It is self-evident that excellent machines are required to produce excellent industial products. Only the high grade machine of unique function with ultimate precision will produce unique and excellent products which is impossible by the ordinalry machine avalable anywahere.
We, Gosho, since start of oparation, introduced various top ranked machines of the world to customers in Japan. Those machines have been winning in the serious world completions for long years so that no other machine cloud catch up their technology level in the short period.
We keep always our proposition, namely "Only excellent machines produce exellent industrial products". Our mission is to supply the most required machines to the site of manufacturing.

Koji Haino, President