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Company History

In 1965, our company started under the name of Gosho Engineering Service Co., Ltd., as an affiliated company of the former Gosho Co., Ltd.’s, engaging in after-sales service works of the machine-tools that the company’ Machine-tool Dept. had sold to the market.

The former Gosho Co., Ltd. was one of the leading textile trading companies, which had rigid business basis worldwide since the years before the World War II. After the war, on the tide of becoming to be a general merchandiser from a one-field trader, the former Gosho Co., Ltd. eagerly expanded its business fields to machineries, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, general merchandises, food stuffs and other non-textile products, in addition to the traditional handling items.

The import sales businesses by the Machine-tool Dept. was generated on the commercial basis by acquiring the sole agency in Japan for the Alfred H. Schutte Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH which was a German manufacturer of multi-spindle automatic lathes and an export representative company for several reputed German machine-tool builders.

Then after, corresponding to the needs generated due to the era of fast and high-level economic growth, the Gosho Co., Ltd. acquired sole import agencies to Japan for the leading manufacturers from Switzerland, Italy, and France etc. The Gosho Engineering Service Co., Ltd. was, thus, established in order to strengthen the after-sales service activities.

In April 1967, the former Gosho Co., Ltd. and the F. Kanematsu & Co., Ltd. merged together and the Kanematsu-Gosho Co., Ltd. had started. At the time of this occasion, The Gosho Engineering Service Co., Ltd. succeeded the member personnel of the Machine-tool Dept. and the sole import agencies of German, Swiss and Italian machine-tool manufacturers from the former Gosho Co., Ltd. At the same time, the company name was changed to the Gosho Engineering Co., Ltd. so that it was prepared to carry on and out the import and domestic sales businesses of metal working machineries and the relevant devices and equipment as well as the after-sales service works all the way through.

In 1973, the Okuma Iron Works Co., Ltd. was granted for technology transfer of multi-spindle automatic lathes from the Alfred H. Schutte and started domestic production of those machines. Being related with this event, the sole import agency of the original Schutte machines was once moved to the Okuma Iron Works Co., Ltd. in 1976, however, in 1987 this sole agency right was returned to our company. Since then up to now, the Schutte multi-spindle automatic lathes have been one of our main business items and a number of orders for the multi-spindle automatics were placed with us and many machines have been delivered to the customers in Japan.

In 1979, we acquired the manufacturing right in Japan of GHS quick-change tool holders from the Goeltenbodt , a German company and started domestic production of this item at the place of Hokoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. This products has become one of our major business items only in several years since, responding to needs of shortening the change-over times of cutting-tools on machine-tools, in the recent years.

In 1985, the company received transfer of the shares held by the then Kanematsu-Gosho Machine-Tool Co., Ltd. (now the Kanematsu KGK Corporation) and all the share holders have been only the officers and employee of our company’s. In 1991, following the event that the Kanematsu-Gosho Co., Ltd. had changed its registered name to Kanematsu Corporation, we have revived the name of company we were originated from by changing our company name to the Gosho Co., Ltd.

Since the foundation of the company, we have mainly engaged in import sales businesses of automated machine- tools, automation equipment and devices and high-precision machine-tools from the European reputed manufacturers as well as in sales of the related domestic machineries so that we have fulfilled many customers’ requirements. In particular, such high precision metal cutting machine-tools including Schutte multi-spindle automatic lathes, Gnutti automatic transfer machines and so on have long been patronized by many customers, and Mecole/Osterwalder forging presses as the brass hot-forging related machineries have also been favored by many users.

We are paying serious efforts to develop the new product items that match with the new era of manufacturing requirements. Thus, we are eagerly promoting the Osterwalder powder compacting presses that are the recently up-coming specialty machines to the manufacturing industries of carbide chips, automotive parts and so on.

In 1999, we concluded the sales agency agreement of the 3D multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines from Werth Masstechnik GmbH from Germany, and have succeeded in achieving many sales and deliveries to the automotive, precision machineries, molds and dies, electronics parts manufacturing industries.

In 2003, following development of our businesses, we completed and moved in to the new head office building provided with show room facility. We have firmly decided to utmost serve our customers by carrying on our best efforts for sales of the existing product lines and for developing new business items and also by establishing the more matured and complete after-sales service organization, along with the company’ tradition lasting for many years by now.