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3軸/5軸 ジグ研削盤



Technology for Jig Grinding

Optimised grinding process

  • Precisely temperature-controlled, flushing grinding oil

  • Chop grinding with slow contour feed rate

  • Contour grinding with slow Z-motion and high feed rate

  • High surface qualities possible with Ra < 0.01 µm

Reliable Precision

  • Check measurements with the automatic 3D touch probe of the machine permit the production of minimised tolerances for the workpiece, even in unattended operation

CAM programming for jig grinding

  • Very simple user interface for input of the grinding parameters at the control

  • Cycles for chop grinding and for contour grinding with slow Z-motion available

  • Externally programmed or constructed contours may be imported

Dressing of the grinding wheel at the rotating dressing spindle

  • Special cycles available for dressing

  • Preliminary measurement of the grinding wheel in the measuring laser for a “rough measurement”

Contact measurement of the grinding wheel

The contact measurement is used for

  • precisely measuring the grinding wheel on diamond surfaces

  • measuring the workpiece

  • monitoring the grinding process

Grinding oil / extinguishing equipment

  • Special precisely temperature-controlled and fine-filtered grinding oil for optimal grinding results

  • Reliable extinguishing equipment for the entire machining area